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Tolosa Children's Dental Center has served more than 15,000 children in San Luis Obispo County. Pediatric dental care is not a privilege; it's a necessity.

As the only non-profit pediatric dental center caring for underserved kids, our goal is to provide quality care, for as many children in our community as we can — all the time. We provide care not just for the ones that are easy, but for the ones that are hard. More than 40% of children have dental cavities by the time they reach kindergarten.

The mom of a six-year-old we had never seen before called us and said her child had been in pain for weeks from an abscess and had recently begun waking up with pain during the night. We knew immediately that it was our responsibility to see that child right away. So we re-arranged the schedule, took care of the child and continued on with the day. With over 1,000 appointments per month, there is no shortage of underserved children in our community that need access to dental care.

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Give the Gift of a Smile!